Get more than a pole dance certification... Get a pole dance education.

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"As a studio owner, the Climb and Spin intensive training workshop and becoming a cert has allowed me as an instructor to feel that I am providing substantial curriculum to my students.  THANK YOU CLIMB & SPIN!"
                              Christina Jondle

C&S Certified Instructor
Smoke & Mirrors, Studio Owner

"The workshop is more than worth the investment..  It gives you the freedom to develop into a safe and knowledgeable pole dancer, with a multi-faceted, yet intrinsically individual style."
Lara Michaels
C&S Certified Instructor
New York, NY

"The workshop not only gives you time to improve your own technique, but also teaches you to how to spot when corrections are needed in others and how to impart information succinctly and efficiently so your students can make progress as quickly as possible."
Kim Wu
C&S Certified Instructor

New York, NY

"I have been successfully teaching pole dancing for 4 years. Since completing the 7-Day Teacher Training Intensive and getting C&S certified, I have taken my classes and my students to the next level. The Climb & Spin Method WORKS!!!"

Cathy Wagner
C&S Certified Instructor
Long Island, New York

"I really like the emphasis on technique & the clarity of step-by-step instruction. Also, the importance given to artistry & fluidity of movement. Plus the simplicity of how to progress students using the Climb & Spin, Inc. method"
Monica Sierra
Co-Owner of Cultura Pin- Up Girls academy 
Medellin, Colombia

"The personalized attention and detailed information I received were key components to the success of this process.  I have never felt as inspired, motivated and happy to have taken the pole dancing path as I did during this training!"
 Micaela Mameda
C&S Certified Instructor
New York, NY

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