1)  Fill out ‘Host a Workshop’ document (link at the bottom)
Book your host workshop a minimum of 30 days before the first day of the workshop
All workshop attendees are required to purchase the appropriate Certification Workshop Manual at least 21 days before the first day of the workshop

2)  HOST STUDIO is responsible to meet the minimum number of workshop attendees required to run the workshop
Continental USA 3 people minimum
South America, Europe or North America 4 people minimum
Email us at for any other locations

Host studio must have a minimum of 4, secure floor to ceiling poles, with a minimum 9’ ceilings
Maximum 10 people per workshop or 2 people per pole
Provide a private pole studio (one room w/ poles) for the duration of the workshop you are hosting

4)  All ACCESS VIDEOS (optional)
Purchase separately access to VIDEOS for only $199/ year        
All C&S and C&I videos are included in the ALL ACCESS VIDEOS

Book a 6-Day Teacher Training workshop, start earning $100 per person once your minimum attendance is met                                                                                                     
Payment, in the form of a check, will be given to Host Studio on the last day of the workshop.

6)  Climb & Spin, Inc. is responsible for:
Master C&S Instructors Hotel & Airfare
Minimum of 3 Social Media posts to promote the Host Workshop on Twitter, Google+Instagram & Facebook page
Post workshop Social Media post (video/picture)
List Workshop on C&S Web site (with a minimum of 45 day notice of workshop)                                                                        

7)  Climb & Spin Pole Dance Education is currently the only Certification course endorsed by the US Pole Dance Federation (USPDF)

 IF you are interested in requesting in hosting a 3-Day or 6-Day Climb & Spin or Climb & Invert Certification Workshop at your studio, please fill out the host request document.  Click Here -

You’ll be rerouted to NY Pole Dancing to purchase/Create an account & follow TEACHER TRAINING in the online store